Our Story

Who We Are!

Hello! We are Laura & Terry! We decided to take a chance and follow our passion and dedicate ourselves full time to spread awareness for Rare Diseases around the Globe!  We have a close connection to rare diseases and the struggles that come with a diagnosis.  Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) touched our family (Laura’s Mom) and bringing awareness for this disease and other rare diseases is our goal!

We understand the challenging situations that many families face who have been touched by a rare disease. Our biggest struggle was to find health professionals and individuals who knew about the disease and supports in the community.  Our hope is to spread awareness across the globe and try to connect and educate as many individuals as we can. No one should feel alone!

Awareness T-shirts is just one of our ways to try and reach across the globe and bring awareness for Rare Diseases.  We donate 5% from all Awareness T-Shirt sales to Charity!

Another way we have been raising awareness is through PSP AWARENESS www.pspawareness.com 

Laura started PSP Awareness In May 2019 to help support & spread Awareness throughout the communities and in the medical field for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and rare diseases. Laura’s Mom (Coleen Cunningham) was officially diagnosed in late 2018 with PSP after being misdiagnosed for a couple years. We can track symptoms as far back as 2015 in retrospect. She rapidly progressed after official diagnosis and unexpectedly but peacefully passed away in her sleep beside Laura on May 18, 2019.

We struggled to find resources and supports for this rare neurological disorder and not many doctors or specialist had even heard of it, 1 out of 10.  It was very frustrating and discouraging for all of us. Laura decided to make it her mission to find and provide the best care and resources for her mom, and is passing along her knowledge and experience in hopes it will help others! We have started to make some noise online and bring awareness and much needed attention to these rare diseases. Our Goal is to reach and support all those suffering and in need of support across the globe with PSP/MSA/CBD and other rare diseases.

There is no known cause, treatment or cure - YET! Help us change that!


Laura & Terry